September 16, 2012
Chance Phelps' Escort

A movie came out in 2009 called Taking Chance. We didn't see it till just recently. We should have made sure to see it before.

The movie tells the story of Lt Col Mike Strobl, USMC, as he accompanied PFC Chance Phelps on his final journey in 2004. (They didn't know at the time that Phelps had been promoted to LCpl.) The journey affected Strobl enough that he wrote it up and passed the tale to a few friends. From there, it went viral, and can now be read here.

They changed a few things slightly for the movie, but not very many — and they don't detract. It's an excellent story, and a good movie, sure to resonate with almost anyone who has ever served in the military or had a friend or family member who served.

Read Strobl's words, and watch the movie. You'll be glad you did.

Category: Heart Tugs

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