February 2016
Singing Valentines, 2016

Every year the barbershoppers of the Albuquerque area deliver Singing Valentines. This year, with Valentine's Day on a Sunday, the Singing Valentines were delivered throughout the Albuquerque area on Friday February 12, Saturday February 13, and Sundy February 14 (Valentines Day itself). This is this year's advertising flyer.

Valentine Central (through which all deliveries are ordered) was run once again by the Albuquerque Barbershop Community Collaborative (ABCC), an umbrella coordinating group formed by all five Albuquerque choruses: two men's choruses (the New MexiChords & Duke City Sound), two women's choruses (Enchanted Mesa Show Chorus & Route 66 Sound), and the young women's chorus (OnQ).

Sixteen or eighteen quartets spent the three days delivering Singing Valentines. A significant number of the quartets belonged to the New MexiChords. One of them, The Deliverymen, is pictured here with the lady to whom we delivered one of our Singing Valentines — including a red rose and a box of chocolates.

We all delivered a number of Singing Valentines in person — all around the Albuquerque area — and some more by telephone over three rather full days. In addition The Deliverymen (and other quartets, I'm sure) sang for free, for publicity, or for food, at a number of other locations. That's a lot of singing! But it was also a lot of fun!

We had quite a number of our chorus members delivering Singing Valentines, plus the additional volunteers at Valentine Central. That's pretty good participation!

It's not just Albuquerque where Singing Valentines are delivered, though it's said this is where they began. Just as an example of how widespread they have become, CNN did a feature this year called Barbershop quartets deliver love notes on Valentine's Day. Singing Valentines are being delivered now all over the country.

Yes, it's too late to send a Singing Valentine for this year. But we'll be delivering again next February. See you then.

If you enjoy barbershop style music, watch for our next show and come hear us sing.
Or come sing with us. It's really fun!

The New MexiChords is an a cappella barbershop chorus in Albuquerque, New Mexico, affiliated with the Barbershop Harmony Society.

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