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This page is a place to link videos (mostly) of some enjoyable music. It has links to musical pieces I've managed to hold onto over the last very few months. It doesn't have earlier items I wish were here (including a couple of flash mob performances) because I can't easily find the links again; if I find them again, I'll add them. Still, better late than never getting this sort of page going. So, ....

The Saturday Evening Post, from Colorado Springs in the Rocky Mountain District of the Barbershop Harmony Society, is the 2015 International Senior Quartet Champion. (See info about them here.) They won with the highest score ever achieved by a senior quartet. Here is one of the songs they sang in competition.
          Tin Roof Blues

Main Street won third place — again (for the second straight year) — in the 2015 International Quartet Competition. Here they sing
          These Will Be The Good Old Days 20 Years From Now
There's also a video (here) on how they came up with this song.

At Harmony University in 2015 we got to hear the newly-crowned International Quartet Champion Instant Classic. They are a young quartet that won a come-from-behind victory. They also have a decidedly unserious streak, shown in the piece they sang for us
          You Gotta Change Parts

In 2016 Instant Classic premiered a new arrangement of a song previously released by Maroon 5. It's a great sound — a great listen. Hear it here
I hadn't been aware of Maroon 5 before (they formed in 2001), but my son was very aware of them — and of this song.

Also at Harmony University we heard Port City Sound. They were last seen in a YouTube video that went viral, singing Under the Boardwalk for an airplane full of folks who were dismayed over their flight delays. They were at Harmony University for some further quartet coaching. It paid off. Here they are singing
          The Masquerade Is Over

Lunch Break never won the gold medal. They finally made it into the top ten in the competition in 2015. They're known for being really funny. Two examples: They're perhaps best known for their piece
          Old MacDonald Had A Deformed Farm
but their performance for the Sweet Adelines convention (was it in 2014?) was also great as
          Czech! It! Out!

I first heard this clip in a class given by David Wright. The Sweet Adelines champion quartet Ambiance sang George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. I only heard a clip in which they did the introduction. It's amazing to hear. Here is an audio clip of their
          Introduction to the Rhapsody in Blue

Here's a completely different competitive foursome. This one is Salut Salon, using strings and a piano instead of just their voices. They've even had a movie made about them. They have talent and showmanship. Here they are performing Vivaldi's

A great performance is a great performance. And this is a great performance by the Duo Siqueira Lima (Cecilia Siqueira and Fernando Lima, from the Brazilian Music Institute) playing
          Tico Tico
You can also see this 2009 University of Florida performance here and more about this pair here.

And here's an excellent patriotic show by the West Virginia University marching band. They do excellent moving formations to an
          Armed Forces Medley

More material will be added as I run across it.

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