September 30, 2015
The Left and Gun Control

The Left doesn't care much about laws. They are happy to ignore laws all over the place.

But the Left really cares about orders issued by federal judges (state judges not so much),
which they always describe as "federal laws."

Well, sometimes — and apparently only when the order is one that agrees with their Leftist prejudices.
In other cases, not so much. Like in this case.

That's why the Left is up in arms when a county clerk won't issue marriage licenses for gay marriages. But not, for example, when city and state personnel ignore federal judicial orders and refuse to issue Constitutionally required gun permits.

The Left is always pushing a gun control agenda. In that, they are consistent. You'll hear them pushing for gun control after any high profile shooting incident.

Well, not quite any shooting incident. Notice how quiet the Left has been about the shooting of a television news reporter and her cameraman by a man who could find organizational racism and personal racist insults in anything & everything that anyone said. I think we can understand why they've been so quiet.

Why does the Left have such a thing for gun control laws? Easy. It's an Article of Faith for the Left that more guns means more murders, that the only way to reduce the murder rate is to get rid of the guns. Unfortunately for the Left, that Article of Faith is completely false. Yes, the U.S. ranks high in gun ownership per capita, but it ranks low in murders per capita — except in heavily gun-controlled cities like Detroit & etc. See Bill Whittle's Firewall for details, the episode titled "Number One With A Bullet," for details.