January 22, 2015
Je Suis Appalled

This was sent to me by an old friend. It was described as "the latest from San Diego - via London."

When the Muslim hordes dumped the brutally tortured, lifeless body of a Jew, Ilan Halimi on the outskirts of Paris, the French hardly shrugged their shoulders. When Muhammed Merah, a Muslim terrorist, executed 4 Jews at a Jewish school, including 3 kids at point blank range there were no noisy demonstrations of protest of any kind. When this past summer a Muslim mob stormed a synagogue in Paris, attempting to kill over 200 Jews huddled inside they were only saved by the heroic actions of the Jewish defense league whose members were later criticized by authorities. When most recently a Jewish couple was attacked in their home, and a young woman raped by three Muslim attackers, targeted because they were Jews, there was hardly a murmur in France. When there were high caliber weapons fired at Jewish institutions a few weeks ago, there was no outrage in the streets. With thousands of French Jews cowering in fear, essentially driven underground by the marauding Muslim inhabitants of France, the French frankly just didn’t give a damn. De-Jewfication of France that started under the Nazi collaborator Vichy regime was proceeding on its way once again but the French couldn’t care less. Well this week, in France the chickens came home to roost.

Of course with 7 million Muslims, most living in Shariah dominated ghettos called banlieues, and teeming with hatred of all things Western, it was just a matter of time. The French got to witness the true face of Islam, and it was not just a “Jewish” problem anymore. Stephane Charbonnier, the murdered editor of the Parisian Charlie Hebdo publication, once uttered, “I prefer to die standing than live on my knees”. And so he did, murdered by the Islamofascists whom he dared to challenge and betrayed by his own beloved republic, whose values he valiantly sought to protect. He was actually one of the few French with balls. And in response, all the fine citizens of the fifth republic could muster was to file out like a flock of sheep with candlelight vigils and muse prophetic about the greater unity and love of democracy while holding hands. This was a performance befitting the proud heirs of the Vichy republic, the tired, the decaying has been of its former self. In his speech to the nation, President Hollande talked about the need for unity and fear of racism, and also mentioned that they will not be going into the banlieues. The speeches were more notable for what wasn’t said as much as what was. It was another example of a pathetic, cowardly western leader kowtowing to the greatest civilizational threat the world has seen since the rise of Nazi Germany. It was of course ironic that all of that transpired the week that a foreboding new book, “Soumission”, was released in France, where the courageous author painted life in the near future in France under a Muslim president.

This was just the latest, certainly not the greatest nor by far the last of the Muslim atrocities committed worldwide. From Jerusalem, to Sydney, to London to Nigeria to Canada and now multiple times in France, Christian and Jewish blood has flowed often, freely and cheaply under the unrelenting attack of the Muslim hordes. In fact this week Open Doors released a new report documenting the tremendous growth in persecution of Christians worldwide in all the Muslim countries with 9 out of 10 worst offenders having a Muslim population greater than 50%. Yes, as Mark Steyn, brilliantly remarked, Islam truly has very bloody borders.

In parallel to this escalating bloody Muslim assault on the western values and way of life, we have seen the growth in the perverse phenomenon of what I would call Legendary Islamophobia. France served as the typical example this week where in response to the massacres the local Muslim organizations tepidly condemned the assault but then immediately warned that any kind of negative reaction to this barbarity would only result in additional fodder for the jihadis. This pretty much mirrored similar garbage spewed by our own local organizations like CAIR where in response to every Muslim atrocity committed against us, the so called good Muslims and their media and political lackeys warn against the dangers of Islamophobia. The message from those psychopaths is that “we can kill you” but please don’t get angry about that as it will only cause us to accelerate the murder rate. In parallel to the “Legendary Islamophobia” phenomenon we have also been bombarded by the “religion of peace” garbage from the likes of Imam Obama, Hollande and the numerous cowardly western liberal elites and their leaders. Relying on a mix of stupidity, plain ignorance, evil or just being bought off by petro dollars those cowards have tried to hide the true nature of the most evil death cult, Islam, from the masses.

The events in France this week were terrifying and foreboding. One thing is certain. Until the west wakes up and takes real actions to stop this onslaught, there will be more and millions will die. While the outpouring of emotion in France with “Je suis Charlie” and “We’re not afraid” signs was touching it was utterly meaningless and useless in getting to the core of the matter. Make no mistake about it, the bad guys are winning. As an example look no further than a CNN directive to all its affiliates not to republish any Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Stephane Charbonnier and his staff were principled and courageous, and like many others before them they died for what they believed in, victims of an evil religion that is bent on world domination. The muslim hordes were not stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683 nor by the Paris synagogue in 2014 with candlelight vigils or hand holding, but with swords, fists and solid determination to prevail. Unless the western world gets more of that backbone and starts naming things as they are and acting accordingly, our kids are destined to grow up in a very different world, one ruled by Sharia, an ugly world of darkness and despair.
Lou Kaplan
San Diego

All of which made me think of a drawing I saw just after the Islamists' Charlie Hebdo attack — in this more appropriate modified version.

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