“The difference between fiction and reality?
Fiction has to make sense.”   — Tom Clancy
quoted in an employee newsletter, May 3, 2006


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Latest Entry
April 12, 201717 Inches
Heart Tugs
May 25, 2015It's What You Scatter
October 7, 2012Will You Give This To My Daddy?
October 5, 2012An Untold Story From 9/11
September 16, 2012Chance Phelps' Escort
September 11, 2012A Flight Attendant's Story
August 24, 2012A Pilot's Story
May 31, 2012Class Shows — Two Examples
March 31, 2011Dog Story
February 5, 2012Just Be There . . . Just Stay
April 7, 2017How the Internet Started
March 17, 2017Retirement Bonus
March 14, 2017Trump Knows His Bible
March 1, 2017President Trump Announces Sale of California to Mexico
February 19, 2017Lunch with the Pope
December 29, 2016The First President Trump Joke
December 29, 2016Trump Already Destroying Arizona Economy
March 10, 2016You Know You're An Engineer When . . . .
August 23, 2015Punny & Funny on Multiple Subjects
August 23, 2015It's the Y
May 25, 2015Questions for Hillary
May 24, 2015Why NBC Got Rid of Jay Leno
January 9, 2015Blue Pigeons
March 22, 2014Philosophy, with a Little Humor
March 5, 2012I Take Back What I Said
February 11,2012Winter Lessons Not to be Forgotten
History (including U.S. Military)
April 12, 201717 Inches
August 26, 2016Another Bataan Survivor Has Died
May 8, 2016What Really Died at Auschwitz
March 19, 2016Hoping For Better Next Time
December 18, 2015An Old Man and a Bucket of Shrimp
November 29, 2015Sometimes It's Not Just Luck
September 20, 2015Nuclear History — 70 Years Later
July 12, 2015Sir Nicholas Winton — The British Schindler
December 13, 2014Revolutions & Manifest Destiny
July 17, 2014D-Day 70 Years Later
September 30, 2012When the Music Stopped
June 23, 2012How Few Served
April 8, 2012A Little-Known Bit of Naval History
November 6, 2011How the O-2s Really Got to Viet Nam
September 1, 2007Quiet Heroes
August 9, 2007Nuclear History
Jihad / War On Terror
October 9, 2015An Historian Speaks About "Syrian" "Refugees"
January 22, 2015Je Suis Appalled
December 3, 2006The Two Trees of Jihadism
April 12, 2012"You Must Accept My Religion"
August 26, 2011"Religion" Promotes Animal Behavior
April 21, 2007Where Was God?
Religion (Islam)
July 6, 2016What Is An Infidel?
July 11, 2015St Thomas Aquinas' Teaching Against the Infidel Mohammed
May 25, 2015Does This Sound Familiar?
March 29, 2015Islamic Reform
      What Happened to Islam?
      A Modest Proposal for a Muslim Reformation
January 31, 2015Muslim's Progress
January 11, 2015The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons
May 30, 2012A German's View of Islam
February 6, 2006“Offensive” Cartoons
Religion (Christianity)
April 25, 2015Francis Cardinal George
December 24, 2013A Modern Christmas Parable
March 31, 2013Good Friday & Easter Sunday
Voting Issues
November 2, 2014The Voter ID Issue
see alsoVoting Issues
June 26, 2016Immigrants, Then & Now
July 2, 2012The Federal Government & Illegal Immigration
June 3, 2010Sonoran Desert, Arizona
July 8, 2011A Tale of Two Patients
January 29, 2017Ex-President Obama
January 20, 2017A New Day for America
December 28, 2016Vice President Biden's "Humble" Lifestyle
September 6, 2016Hillary and the Law
September 6, 2016Four Simple Questions
June 28, 2016All of a Sudden
April 20, 2016All of a Sudden
February 15, 2016Hillary, Chelsea, and Abortion
December 26, 2015America's Top Ten — As Seen From Canada
September 30, 2015The Left and Gun Control
May 20, 2015Social Security Raise Is A Joke
October 18, 2014The New Normal vs. Millenial Voters
April 14, 2014Unemployment Explained
August 4, 2012Why Cuban-Americans Are Different
July 2, 2012Roberts' Rules
January 11, 2012Obama's "Recess" Appointments
Politics (Left & Right)
November 13, 2016Reflections on the Election
September 10, 2005Hurricane Katrina
February 22, 2014The Law
August 4, 2012Why Cuban-Americans Are Different
July 2, 2012Roberts' Rules
July 2, 2012The Federal Government & Illegal Immigration
August 13, 2016Don't Widen the Plate!
March 3, 2013God's Grandeur
February 19, 2012Shirley & Marcy
October 22, 2011Erlinda Moya's 100th Birthday
October 4, 20112011 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
July 2, 2011Blogging Summary
January 1, 2007Diabetes Breakthroughs
Music Page
December 2016New MexiChords 2016 Christmas Show
May 2016New MexiChords 2016 Spring Show
March 2016First Singing Radio Commercial, 1926
March 2016St. Patrick's Day, 2016
March 2016Warm-Up Exercises
February 2016Some Historical S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. Documents
February 2016Singing Valentines 2016
January 2016A Hero's Memorial
January 2016A Military Retirement Ceremony
December 2015Happy Birthday to a Veteran Barbershopper
December 2015New MexiChords 2015 Christmas Shows
October 2015New MexiChords at the 2015 Balloon Fiesta
September 2015Rocky Mountain District 2015 Convention & Contest
August 2015First Draft
May 2015New MexiChords 2015 Spring Show
March 2015St. Patrick's Day, 2015
March 2015Dan Baca Funeral
February 2015Singing Valentines, 2015
January 2015Barbershop & Baritones
Music Page Entries for 2013 & 2014
December 2014New MexiChords 2014 Christmas Show
May 2014New MexiChords 2014 Spring Show
December 2013New MexiChords 2013 Christmas Show
May 2013New MexiChords 2013 Spring Show
Music Page Entries for 2011 & 2012
December 2012New MexiChords 2012 Christmas Shows
October 2012Rocky Mountain District 2012 Convention & Contest
August 2012Keith Pederson Memorial
May 2012New MexiChords 2012 Spring Show
May 2012Music Audition, Simplified
February 2012Barbershop 2012 Midwinter in Tucson
December 2011New MexiChords 2011 Christmas Events
October 20112011 Rocky Mountain District Convention & Contest
May 2011New MexiChords 2011 Spring Show

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