September 6, 2016
Hillary and the Law

There are a lot of discrepancies and double standards evident in the way the cases against Hillary Clinton have been handled. Here's one that's particularly galling.

General Petraeus was cashiered and convicted for what is by comparison a very minor offense. And yet Hillary is being handled with "kid gloves" and not charged despite her major violations.

Here's another case, limited to just classified e-mails.

Brezler could find no secure way to get the information he'd found to his old unit in time to save their lives, and so used a "field expedient" to do so. For his trouble, he was forced out of the Marine Corps under threat of Court Martial. But Hillary gets a pass for much, much larger violations committed just for her convenience.

And it's not just classified materials, and it's not just now. Others have gone to prison for mishandling a single FBI file, but Hillary got a pass for mishandling hundreds. (Remember TravelGate? And the other Clinton scandals in those years? Remember that the non-sexual ones usually involved Hillary?)

Back to current events: It's now been verified in last Friday's FBI document dump that Hillary — along with her aides — lied to the FBI. Others go to prison for that, but not Hillary.

It all adds up to one thing: Hillary believes laws are for the poor — the "little people" — to obey. And she is not one of them. And based on what has not happened to her (indictment, arrest, conviction, imprisonment), it's looking like she may be right.

Another way to state that is that Hillary believes she is above the law — she doesn't have to follow laws like a normal citizen.

I guess Hillary is royalty. At least in her own mind.

Actually, she's more like a high level crime boss. A big enough crime boss to strike fear even into the heart of the head of the FBI.

Now this crime boss wants to be President of the United States. And she just might make it.

Be afraid, America. Be very afraid.