November 13, 2016
Reflections on the Election

Before Election Day, everything seemed so clear. Hillary Clinton would be elected president and Donald Trump would be exiled to the wastelands and never heard from again. But then Election Day came, and everyone's expectations were turned upside down.

That caused Shock. Consternation. Horror. The Hillary partisans in the blue cities reacted badly. And that brought about some immediate aftereffects.

Another quick side effect was in the financial markets, where the market futures took an immediate dive. The market gurus said the financial markets would be devastated and would never recover. But we know how that turned out.

An expected result of Trump's unexpected victory was that a lot of liberal celebrities would be leaving the country, many saying they would go to Canada. That would produce the Great Hollywood Liberal Airlift From LA.

Ah, more's the pity. It appears most of those who swore they would leave the country if Trump won are now punking out. You just can't trust those Leftists.

There was one more thing that apparently passed unnoticed on election night. A glass ceiling was shattered — just not the one the Left expected. It was the one shattered by Kellyanne Conway.

Meanwhile, on the other side.

Something had happened through the middle part of the Election Day evening. Something completely unexpected. Something that simply couldn't happen. Donald Trump started pulling into the lead, both in the Electoral College vote and in the popular vote. (California later changed the popular vote due to its huge margin for Hillary.) Perhaps that is why Hillary had a different reaction at just about that time.

The New York Times was monitoring the changes, and captured them in this real-time probabilities chart from Tuesday evening.

Suddenly Hillary must have started feeling like this.

Others might describe what was happening more like this.

Perhaps Hillary was suddenly concerned about something like this.

That simple line graph showed a "bottom line." What was behind it was something extraordinary — something like this showing counties carried by Clinton (in blue) and Trump (in red).

But be careful in interpreting aa map like this. Looking at areas doesn't really say much about population — about voters. So the blue areas on the major cities weigh in the election much more heavily than much of the red area in what the coasties refer to as "flyover country." It looks like a very clear city vs. country division. And in most areas, urban and rural, the preferred candidate won by a large margin.

But regardless of the interpretation, when enough voters shift in enough states, the result can be some unexpected breaking news. What so much of the country had hoped for, but never thought could occur, had come to pass.

Shock. Consternation. Horror. The Hillary partisans in the blue cities had never believed this could happen and reacted badly when it did. They protested, they rioted, they demanded the overthrow of the Constitution and the destruction of the Electoral College. All to prevent Donald Trump from taking office.

Or perhaps it was not quite that simple. Many of the protesters were ordinary Hillary partisans, but many of the violent protesters were being paid for their labors. This produced one of the first of the side effects of this election — and brings us full circle, back to the beginning of this post.

Now the election is over and we're done with all those political comercials filling all the radio and television broadcast time. And now we will see over the coming weeks the unfolding of a new era. We'll just have to see how different it is from the old one.