July 2, 2011
Adding Some New Blog Support
Time marches on. One result of that is that my old service provider (bought out more than once over the years by others) has decided it can no longer continue to support "legacy accounts" like the one I've had. That doesn't hurt me in terms of my current blogging activity (at another GDCritter), but it does affect some of my supporting material. So that material is being moved here, and reorganized. (The reorganization may take a little time.) In the meantime, this is a summary of my blogging history. The posts below this were originally posted at http://www.flash.net/~gdc/ritter. (No link — web page support is ending later this month.)


July 15, 2007

Here's the blogging update I promised back in March.

Posting items on blogspot seems to be going well. It's easy enough to post to, most of the time, and its quirks don't seem terribly bothersome. As a result, as of now, here's what I'm going to do:

  • I will no longer post items in both locations, but will post new items only on the blogspot GDCritter location.
  • I will post here a link to each new item (in place of the item itself).
  • When/as I have time, I will come back here to convert this main page to a link page providing access to all items.

Another step of progress, I hope. An evolution, for sure.

Please wish me luck.


March 24, 2007
A New Window

I’ve opened a new window. Today I opened a new site at blogspot, and will be trying it out for a while.

For the time being, I’ll be putting posts up both here and there. I’ll let you know how it’s going.


December 31, 2004
The Beginning

This is a new page of commentary, analysis, and opinions. It is being created because I keep wanting to comment on some of the things I see and hear about. It is born now because I am finally getting around to doing what I have thought about for some time.

I tend to do a lot of reading — on the web and elsewhere. I have seen that a significant number of bloggers seem to spent a lot of time writing for the web. This I cannot afford to do. Nor can I respond to large volumes of comments and e-mail.

Having said that, creating a blog of sorts is still the most reasonable and expeditious way to make my comments and analyses more broadly available — to my friends and to others. Therefore, I now hold my breath and take the plunge.

Posts here will necessarily be sporadic — with no fixed posting schedule — and somewhat eclectic because a lot of different things interest me. This page format, too, is tentative and may prove to be temporary. It will be modified as needed as this location is developed.

[original location www.flash.net/~gdc/ritter]