August 26, 2011
"Religion" Promotes Animal Behavior

One of the great contributions of Judeo-Christian moral teachings — as well as those of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and others — is that they made clear to us that men are not and need not be slaves to an animal nature. They teach that humans can exercise self-control, and can be civilized and live by the rules of a society.

Sadly, not all humans are civilized. What is worse, some make a fetish and a societal rule of following a practice of being uncivilized, and deliberately behaving like animals, and like uncivilized people no better than those in the backward pagan tribes of one of the sixth century's least civilized regions.

But there is a difference: Those sixth century people didn't know any better. These people do. Or should.

And that's why I was struck by what Bernie said at Planck's Constant. These kinds or practices are not just uncivilized, they are abhorrent to all civilized people.