May 2012
New MexiChords 2012 Spring Show

It's an election year, so naturally everything is political — even our spring show!

Our presidential candidate is Henry K. Holiday ("Every day's a holiday with Henry K.!"), and he has decided to campaign the "old fashioned way — by whistlestop train." As his train stops in different towns along the way, he meets some interesting people.

Henry gets a question from a reporter from the NoName SmallTown Gazette Journal.

A voter explains to Henry about a problem he needs help with.

And — in good movie musical form — Henry K. Holiday has frequent encounters with song. For the chorus, of course, the main thing was singing the songs the script was built around. That included songs like We're Behind You All the Way and Lookin' at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses, as well as Over the Rainbow.

Of course, we had to do Happy Days Are Here Again. Can you tell we're having fun doing this?

Sorry, no pictures this time of the entire chorus, all at once.

In addition to the chorus, five different quartets sang as part of our scripted show. Here's how two of the quartets looked as they sang.

The Harmonikats sing Campaign Donation.
Amazing Greys sing It's Hard to be Humble.

This was a really fun show — fun for us to perform, and fun for our audiences to see.

And that's what makes the effort that went into the show's preparation all worth while.

To make our show even more incredible, we had as our guest quartet the 2008 International Champion Quartet O. C. Times. These guys are great! Their singing is fantastic, too! They gave an amazing performance for us and our audience that had everyone going wild. And they were very obviously enjoying themselves.

Winning the international competition is a really big thing! A quartet that wins, and becomes an International Champion Quartet, can never compete again. They get to sing and perform all over the world, but their days in competition are over.

Later, some members of our chorus got to sing with our fantastic guest quartet. These guys are likely to break into song anywhere, any time, with anyone.

Jerry Quintana sings Sold! with O. C. Times.
Levi Trujillo sings Sweet Adeline with our guests.

As you can see, barbershop singing — a cappella singing in four part harmony — is highly enjoyable. It's enjoyable for the quartets and the members of the chorus, and it's enjoyable for those who hear us sing. And that's what it's all about.

If you enjoy barbershop style music, watch for our next show and come hear us sing.
Or come sing with us. It's really fun!

The New MexiChords is an a cappella barbershop chorus in Albuquerque, New Mexico, affiliated with the Barbershop Harmony Society.

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