February 2016
Some Historical S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. Documents
"The Earle E. House Documents"

Linked here are (mostly) scanned documents from the collection of Earle E. House. These were among the materials given to the Deliverymen by June Davis, Earle House's daughter, at the time of his 99th birthday celebration.

The first document is an information and recruiting pamphlet from 1952 called Let's Harmonize.

An early 1950's descriptive pamphlet is called Just What Is Barbershop Harmony? I just recently saw something current in the same vein. See also Dr David Wright's discussion of what makes barbershop, The Future History of Barbershop, available through the prior post Barbershop & Baritones.

There's also a pamphlet from 1953 that was apparently given to all new members. It's called You Are Now A Barbershopper. It provided much of what a new Society member needed to know.

In 1950, Earle House was president of the Colorado Springs chapter of S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. They put on a show called the Harvest of Harmony at the high school auditorium in August of that year. (See Earle identified as president on image/page 4 and on the next-to-last page.)

Earlier that same year, Earle and his family went to the International Convention and Quartet Contest in Omaha. An extract of key pages from that convention program is here. The quartet judging criteria are included, along with an advertisement for a complete history of the Society. If you like, the full program is here.

One more item: There a songbook (also called Let's Harmonize) that was apparently given out to (many) members — probably in the early 1940s as the picture in it of the S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. officers is dated May 2, 1940. The songbook contains just the words for a group of 161 songs.

There are also eight Society songbooks and lots of sheet music in Earle's box. Those materials have not been scanned.

These materials were given to the Deliverymen by Earle E. House and his daughter June Davis when the quartet sang for his 99th birthday celebration on December 13, 2015.

If you enjoy barbershop style music, watch for our next show and come hear us sing.
Or come sing with us. It's really fun!

The New MexiChords is an a cappella barbershop chorus in Albuquerque, New Mexico, affiliated with the Barbershop Harmony Society.

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